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What Services do we Offer?

NHS and non-NHS services are available at our pharmacy.
You can find more information in-store or down below.

Flu Vaccination Service

Vaccination against the flu is provided every year by the NHS to adults and children who are most at risk.

Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Providing flu vaccinations for your employees.

Pneumococcal Vaccination Service

Protect yourself against pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis as flu season hits.

Blister Packs

We provide blister packs for those who require extra organisation for their medicines.

Blood Pressure Testing

Identify high blood pressure early to prevent the development of serious conditions.

Common Ailments Scheme

We provide treatment and advice for a number of common ailments.

Consultation Area (HB approved)

We have a consultation room available if you’d like to have a 1 to 1 discussion with one of our pharmacists.

Disabled Access

If you suffer from a disability, our premises are disabled friendly and our staff is always on hand to help. Our services will remain the same.

Discharge Medicine Review (DMR)

This 1 to 1 service will help you find out more about your newly prescribed medicine and the best ways to take it.

Large Print Labels

To avoid confusion between patients, we can print large labels for medication and other appliances as part of our regular services.

Medicines Management in Domiciliary Care

Our friendly and professional staff will arrange to have your prescription medication dispensed into the monitored dosage system.

Prescription Collection

Travelling long distances for your repeat prescriptions can be inconvenient, especially if you find it difficult travelling due to a healthcare condition.

Prescription Delivery

As a patient, you can use our pharmacy to dispense all of your repeat or one-off prescriptions.

Repeat Prescriptions

Set up secure orders of your repeat prescriptions.

Return of Patients Sharps Boxes

You can return your patient sharp bin to our pharmacy if the opening of the sharps bin is permanently closed.

Smoking Cessation Level 2

Trying to quit your smoking habit doesn’t need to be done alone. Help is important to keep you on track.

Joanne Briscoe
Joanne Briscoe
On Wednesday I had my fly jab given to me by Andy normally when I have it at the gp it swells massively this time iv had no reaction at all no pain or swelling at all I can highly recommend him.
Christine Hazard
Christine Hazard
I am new to the area, but very friendly and helpful service.
Rachael A-H
Rachael A-H
Fantastic service. Staff so helpful, taking time out to discuss a new medication for my child and offering support and knowledge. I can't fault them in any way.
Debbie Davison
Debbie Davison
The staff are so helpful and Andy is just amazing! Helped me so much with advice when there was a shortage or HRT treatment and liaised with the medical centre to advise them of product availability. Absolutely sterling service thank you very much ?
The team here are always happy, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. If they don't have what you are looking for they will often offer to order it in for you. Prescriptions always ready on time. A great local service ??
Deborah Davison
Deborah Davison
Professional staff always very helpful a great Pharmacy
Daniel Hollingworth
Daniel Hollingworth
Fantastic, friendly community service. They have been great for dealing with minor kids ailments etc, saving trips to the doctors.
Shawnee Brown
Shawnee Brown
Brilliant pharmacy, always really friendly and helpful
Dorothea Williams
Dorothea Williams
Very helpful, friendly and supportive during these trying times .
Allison Davies
Allison Davies
Hi , I've used the pharmacy a lot over the last 12 months for myself and my family . All staff are friendly and helpful and help with any queries as much as they possibly can . Such an asset to our village .